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"As a child, I grew up living in tropic idylls like Jamaica, Fiji and Trinidad. Dad was a tropical plant pathologist and along with mum and 4 brothers we relocated each time Dad got a new posting. I was very lucky, I just didn't realise it then.


Living in natural beauty, swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters through startling colourful reefs.

'Back in the day' we travelled from country to country by sea as it was too expensive to fly.


You could say this is where my love affair with the sea began!

Many years later, I ended up in Antibes and have been involved in the luxury yacht and villa world ever since.

For many of us the oceans have been our careers as well as our playground and like me, I'm sure you all want this to continue for future generations.

With our 'throw away mentality' I am saddened at the damage we have wrought on Planet Earth especially at the destruction to our very lifeline, the oceans and their ecosystems.

Ecocean Supplies is my way to give back and I hope you will join me and take the step towards making our industry a more eco responsible one.

Ruth Leather.

Ecocean Supplies Founder